Pronounced: ( bye-j’yo )


Spanish Galleon Trade

Que deliciosa
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baijiu tiki cocktail
  • 1oz Ming River (strong-aroma baijiu)
  • 3/4oz Dry sherry
  • 3/4oz 101 proof Bourbon
  • 3/4oz Lemon juice
  • 3/4oz Passionfruit syrup (1:1 passionfruit puree and sugar)
  • 1/2oz Falernum
  • 1/2 bar spoon Curry powder
  • 1
    Combine all ingredients in a shaker with 2 Koldraft Ice cubes.
  • 2
    Whip shake.
  • 3
    Pour into a tiki mug and add crushed or pebble ice
  • 4
    Garnish with a bushel of mint leaves, a dehydrated orange wheel, and a little toy boat hoisting the Philippines' flag.

Says Toribio, “The Spanish Galleon Trade was created with the idea of making a new tiki cocktail that tells The Philippines’ history and how it came to be. Using ingredients from it’s respective countries that have occupied or conquered The Philippines, I believe that here at Jeepney in New York City, we have created something really special. Ming River Baijiu from China, Dry Sherry from Spain, Bourbon from America, and Curry Powder representing Japan and the merchants that have traveled from the Middle East, and Passionfruit, originating from Brazil, a country sharing a history with being discovered by Portuguese explorers. Falernum, a potion from an island country similar to The Philippines Archipelago. Together, these ingredients create a vibrant tiki cocktail full of flavor with Ming River Baijiu as it’s star bringing all flavors together with it’s bright floral and pineapple notes. You’ll truly feel that you’re in the the islands.”

baijiu cocktail with bottle
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