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Tales of the Cocktail: Singles Bars

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Tales of the Cocktail New Orleans baijiu seminar
July 21, 2018 at 10:00 am
Hotel Monteleone / Iberville B Hotel Monteleone 214 Royal St New Orleans, LA 70130
 Iberville B Room
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Learn from the Pros

Would you stake your career on one good drink? Bars that focus on a single spirit offer curious drinkers the rare opportunity to learn from barkeeps with singular (obsessive?) focus. They can establish their proprietors’ place at the forefront of category promotion, but require more creativity and risk. Our panel will discuss the challenges of building a bar program around a single spirit, and explore the role that these bars can play in expanding industry knowledge and promoting under-the-radar brands. With bitters bar Amor y Amargo’s Sother Teague, mezcaleria Las Perlas’ Justin Dano, Capital Spirits Baijiu Bar’s William Isler, and Caña Rum Bar’s Erbin Garcia.