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MRBU Launches BAIJIU 201 Course

Setting the table with a heavy-hitting educational program
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This is a public service announcement to inform you that Ming River University—our very own baijiu education platform—has expanded our course offerings to include an intermediate-level course.

In “BAIJIU 201: Setting the Table,” students will find a range of lessons on topics as diverse as contemporary Chinese drinking etiquette and the importance of ambient temperature in the production of qu. Students who successfully complete the course will be eligible for the highly sought-after Master of Baijiu certificate.

How high should you fill a baijiu glass? Find out in the Baijiu 201 course.

The BAIJIU 201 syllabus

Part 1: Chinese Drinking Culture 酒文化

  • The Mythological Origins of Chinese Alcohol
    • Heaven, Earth and Monkey Business
    • Yi Di and Du Kang
  • Chinese Philosophy and Alcohol
    • Confucianism
    • Daoism
    • Flavor and Balance
  • Modern Drinking Etiquette
    • Seating
    • Pouring and Receiving Alcohol
    • Toasting
    • Abstaining from Alcohol

Part 2: Advanced Baijiu Fermentation 发酵

  • Qu Styles
    • Big Qu
    • Small Qu
    • Bran Qu
  • Qu Temperature
    • Low-Temperature Qu
    • Medium-Temperature Qu
    • High-Temperature Qu
  • Fermentation States
    • Solid-State Fermentation
    • Semi-Solid-State Fermentation
    • Liquid-State Fermentation

Part 3: Advanced Baijiu Classification 香型

  • Foundational Baijiu Brands
    • Guilin Sanhua: Rice Aroma
    • Kweichow Moutai: Sauce Aroma
    • Luzhou Laojiao: Strong Aroma
    • Xinghuacun Fenjiu: Light Aroma
  • The Eight Minor Baijiu Styles
    • Chi 豉/Fat 肥
    • Extra-Strong 馥郁
    • Laobaigan 老白干
    • Medicine 药
    • Mixed 兼
    • Phoenix 凤
    • Sesame 芝麻
    • Special 特
  • Mapping the World of Baijiu
    • The Twelve Styles of Baijiu
    • Baijiu Styles and Geography

Simply put, this is the most in-depth exploration of the baijiu category and fermentation process we’ve ever published in any form. And the best part, it’s entirely FREE. Anyone can enroll without paying a cent. Knowledge should find a home in the minds of those who seek it, and we remain committed to the cause of appreciating baijiu in the company of as many friends as possible.

Sign up for Ming River University today by enrolling here.

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Derek Sandhaus

The Bai-ologist

Derek Sandhaus is the educational director of Ming River Baijiu. He is the author of several books about China, including Baijiu: The Essential Guide to Chinese Spirits and the award-winning Drunk in China: Baijiu and the World’s Oldest Drinking Culture. He currently lives with his wife and dog in Washington, D.C.

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