Pronounced: ( bye-j’yo )


Farewell My Concubine

An operatic beauty of a drink
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Baijiu pandan cocktail
  • 1.5oz Ming River (strong-aroma baijiu)
  • 1/2oz Sandeman Apitiv Reserve White Port
  • 3/4oz Lemongrass syrup with pandan and makrut lime leaves*
  • 1/4oz Citric acid 10%
  • 3 dashes Japanese Umami Bitters
  • Sparkling water
  • 1
    Combine all ingredients except sparkling water in a Collins glass.
  • 2
    Top with sparkling water and ice.
  • 3
    Garnish with a pandan knot and dehydrated lemon.

Inspired by the virtuosic film by Chen Kaige. Originally prepared for a DrinkBaijiu-hosted baijiu masterclass hosted at Waldo Thai in October, 2021.

*Lemongrass Syrup
Combine lemongrass, pandan leaves and makrut lime leaves in a pot along with equal parts water and sugar. Bring to boil and simmer for 15 minutes on low heat. Once cool, let sit for 12-24 hours, and strain. Keeps refrigerated for 3-4 weeks.

Drink Baijiu moderator pic

Derek Sandhaus

The Bai-ologist

Derek Sandhaus is the educational director of Ming River Baijiu. He is the author of several books about China, including Baijiu: The Essential Guide to Chinese Spirits and the award-winning Drunk in China: Baijiu and the World’s Oldest Drinking Culture. He currently lives with his wife and dog in Washington, D.C.

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