Pronounced: ( bye-j’yo )


Dragon Boat

Drumming up a little summer tiki
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baijiu cocktail in blue tiki mug
  • 1oz Ming River (strong-aroma baijiu)
  • 1oz Jamaican rum blend*
  • 3/4oz Aroma blend**
  • 1.5oz Coconut syrup***
  • 1/2oz Lemon juice
  • 1/2oz Pineapple juice
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    Dirty pour ice.
  • 3
    Top with crushed ice.
  • 4
    Garnish with mint and grated cinnamon.

Some specialty ingredients here, but it makes for good holiday drinking.

*.5 Rumbar silver, .25 Rumfire, bar spoon Hamilton black.

**Equal parts absinthe, creme de menthe, Falernum.

***1:1 coconut milk and coconut cream, reduced with nutmeg and cinnamon.

Baijiu cocktail with orange wheel
Sichuan Sour
red baijiu lowball with bottle
Dear Summer